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Security Demands Persistence

At Absio, we believe security should be part of the conversation across all levels of an organization and at all stages of the IT project lifecycle. But most organizations struggle to give cyber and data security the priority they deserve.

The IT skills gap is wide and technology professionals with security experience are exceptionally difficult to find. Absio can help.

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Cybersecurity Assessments

An Absio cybersecurity assessment is unique. Not just a network scan or a selective regulatory audit, our comprehensive cybersecurity evaluations probe widely and deeply within the organization to identify vulnerabilities that could compromise assets, information, or business continuity. Then we deliver specific recommendations to mitigate the identified threats.

Absio uses a combination of a proprietary self-assessment, staff interviews, policy and documentation reviews, security testing tools, and physical site analysis to evaluate the client’s cybersecurity posture and overall level of risk. This process serves to:

  • Identify and prioritize business assets based on value to the organization.
  • Review IT infrastructure architecture, policies, procedures, systems, personnel, and other resources and their impact on operations.
  • Determine threats, such as natural disaster, system failure, human error, unauthorized access, misuse of information, data corruption/loss, data leaks and service disruption.
  • Perform a vulnerability analysis of software and hardware to investigate potential weaknesses open to security breach.
// Cybersecurity Assessments

What Does Absio Assess?

Vulnerabilities exist throughout an organization. Absio engages in a holistic evaluation process taking into account all aspects of the business.

  • Products and services
  • Customer relationship management and transaction systems
  • Business operations and supply chain management software
  • Employees and contractors
  • Facility use and access
  • Onboarding and termination procedures
Physical Security
  • Monitoring and security tools and staffing
  • Visitor procedures
  • Ethernet and WiFi access
  • Safety of workstations, servers and other IT assets
Account & Data Security Controls
  • Authentication tools
  • Password requirements and procedures
  • File share access
  • Personal device use
  • Data classification, security, and retention policies
Disaster Recovery
  • Business continuity plan
  • IT infrastructure library change management
  • System maintenance
  • Backup and recovery procedures
Security Awareness & Education
  • Initial stakeholder training
  • Ongoing education and monitoring
  • Available resources
Compliance & Audit
  • Regulatory requirements (may be industry-specific)
  • Previous assessments or certifications
  • IT security policy and procedures
  • Testing and refinement
// Cybersecurity Assessments

Findings & Mitigation Plan

Upon completion of the cybersecurity risk assessment, Absio will provide a report that details the scope of the analysis and any findings prioritized by level of risk to the organization. Our report includes detailed recommendations and related action plans, which clients can pursue independently or partner with Absio to execute.

High Risk

Potentially catastrophic impact - address immediately

Medium Risk

Moderate risk to the business - resolve within 3 months

Low Risk

Opportunity to upgrade to IT security best practices

// Cybersecurity Assessments


Cybersecurity is not a “one and done” process. Risk analysis must be ongoing, keeping pace with an evolving threat landscape and adapting to change within the organization. As operations shift and expand, new technologies are implemented, and key positions turn over, Absio can perform targeted assessments of potential risks associated with recent updates to help maintain strong asset and data protections.

Such reassessments should be performed at least annually or as an accompaniment to any significant modifications in the IT operating environment and/or resources.

Additional Consulting Services

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IT Operations Support

Need help implementing assessment recommendations?

Many organizations lack dedicated IT security personnel. Our team can work alongside your internal resources to make immediate upgrades to processes and technologies to improve the organization’s cybersecurity posture, while working to devise a longer-term plan to help you keep pace with changing threats.

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Custom Software Development

Rely on custom software to run your business?

Whether developed internally or by an outsourced firm, these applications may present security risks. Absio’s software engineers can provide guidance on secure application design or build custom data security solutions from scratch to meet your needs.

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At A Price Point You Can Afford

  • Project rates vary by the type of work and resources utilized.
  • Cybersecurity assessments are typically offered at a fixed project rate based on the size and complexity of the organization.
  • Other consulting services are billed hourly based on actual work performed.
  • For larger projects, a partial, up-front retainer payment may be required so we can commit appropriate resources to the engagement.