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Strengthen Your
Security Posture

By all measures, the global cybersecurity situation is worsening at an increasing and alarming rate.
Every day, another crisis. Personal information exposed. Intellectual property stolen.
Military and diplomatic secrets divulged. Sensitive business intelligence revealed.

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An Objective Evaluation By Seasoned Cyber Pros

In a rapidly growing threat environment, organizations need to know where they stand on cybersecurity. Unbiased third-party analysis and perspective is essential to reveal vulnerabilities and assess potential impact on the organization.

Absio specializes in conducting comprehensive cybersecurity assessments for organizations of all sizes and in any industry. Our information security consultants and engineers—each with decades of experience—work alongside your team to identify and resolve security gaps in existing infrastructure and evolve your organization toward a stronger cybersecurity posture.

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How It Works

Security Assessment
Security Assessment
A general cybersecurity assessment evaluates the organization’s security strengths and weaknesses.

Vulnerability Report
Vulnerability Report
The resulting detailed report provides a roadmap for addressing critical vulnerabilities in the near-term and guidance on long-term cybersecurity strategy.

Guided or Self- Implementation
Guided or Self- Implementation
Your team starts fixing the highest priority risks first. If needed, Absio is available to help you implement the recommended process and technology improvements.

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Cybersecurity By The Numbers

$ 0 M
Average cost of a business data breach in the U.S.
0 %
Small businesses close within 6 months of a cyberattack
0 %
Organizations reporting a shortage of in-house cybersecurity skills
0 M
Unfulfilled cybersecurity jobs globally
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Cybersecurity Isn’t a Certification — It’s a Stance

Most cybersecurity consultants perform high-level network scans or prepare an organization for specific certifications. These are fine first steps toward improved cybersecurity. But today, they’re not enough.

That’s why Absio takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity, evaluating attack surfaces but also safeguarding business continuity. Our risk assessments—based on the National Institute of Standards (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework guidelines—help clients understand, manage, and mitigate IT-related risk across an organization.

The results, presented with a phased remediation plan, fuel high-performance risk strategies and data protection efforts.


Organizations face a wide skills gap in cybersecurity and security-focused software development. Don’t let lack of internal expertise hold you back.